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“I would submit that it is Karyssa, superbly played by Ms. Robles, who emerges the hero in this play…the actors are close to flawless…we are left to marvel at two professional actors at the top of their form.”

Atlanta INtown Review of THE HERO’S WIFE at Synchronicity Theatre

“Robles and Sykes perfect the intensity of these moments…This play leaves no room for awkward or disingenuous connections; Robles and Sykes deliver authenticity.”

ArtsATL Review of THE HERO’S WIFE at Synchronicity Theatre

“There’s no denying the solid performances by Synchronicity co-stars Rebeca Robles (Horizon’s “The Wolves”)…”

AJC Review of THE HERO’S WIFE at Synchronicity Theatre

“Robles and Dickerman carry the show for most of the play with their flirtatious banter and inappropriate jokes. Robles is charming and crass as Karla…It’s worth noting that Robles is on quadruple duty as the show’s producer, star, props and costume designer, all of which she has executed well in this production.”

ArtsATL Review of A FUNNY THING at Atlanta Theatre Club

Standouts in the uniformly steadfast ensemble include… Rebeca Robles is No. 7, the tough-talking star “striker” who’s most threatened by the new competition.”

AJC Review of THE WOLVES at Horizon Theatre

“We watch as [Robles] evolves from a sweet, sexy, emotionally open wife and nervous partner walking on eggshells to a physically strong, emotionally guarded woman sharing a bed with a trained killer…the most powerful character arc belongs to Rebeca Robles’ young newlywed as she fights physically and emotionally to save herself and the man she still loves.”

Creative Loafing Review of The Hero’s Wife

NPR Interview: In ‘The Hero’s Wife,’ Veteran And Young Wife Grapple With PTSD

“On Second Thought” with Virginia Prescott, GPB Radio

Rebeca Robles as Karla captures it all pretty darn close to brilliantly. Her work is restrained but alive and at same time most often achingly honest. Deeply felt, but never on display – she is the type of actor who leaves us – the audience – room to come to her – a speciality she had on in full display in David Harrower’s “Blackbird” as well.”

ATL Stage Review of A FUNNY THING at Atlanta Theatre Club

“The arguable center piece though, lies in the performance of the two young leads, played by the very talented duo of Rebeca Robles and Ian Bossung. One has to see the performance to really appreciate just how fully realized the choices made by these actors were. For her part, Ms. Robles captured a depth of passion and sincerity that would have been impressive if delivered by an A-list performer twice her age. That she channeled that energy in this space and made it believable is truly a remarkable feat.”

LA Film Review of short film REHEARSAL directed by Jennifer Silver

Rebeca is as good as it gets. I highly, highly recommend working with her. You’ll be glad you did!”

Seth Barrish; Co-Artistic Director of the Barrow Group, Director of Mike Birbiglia’s Sleepwalk with Me

NPR Interview: Rebeca Robles discusses A FUNNY THING HAPPENED…

WABE, where ATL meets NPR

“The production… is actually being independently produced by Rebeca Robles, who also plays one of the two lead roles…Needless to say, this play is undoable without two expert actors, and Ms. Robles and Mr. Davis do not disappoint.” 

Atlanta INtown

Feature: Meet Rebeca Robles of Atlanta Theatre Club


“The dialogue is fast-paced and genuine, flowing seamlessly from humorous banter to emotional revelations without missing a beat. For anyone whose life has been touched by cancer, this is a beautifully therapeutic show about life, death, fear, love, trust and redemption.”

Georgia Theatre Guide on A FUNNY THING HAPPENED…

NPR Interview: Rebeca Robles discusses BLACKBIRD

WABE, where ATL meets NPR

“Rebeca is a uniquely talented and driven young woman. I have watched her perform a wide variety of roles— contemporary and classic. She has an exemplary work ethic and is full of creativity, a true joy in the rehearsal room and arresting on the stage. She would be an asset to any cast to any company. She has my highest recommendation.”

Rachel Jett, Artistic Director of the National Theater Institute at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center

Feature: Girls Club

17th South Magazine

Feature: Rebeca Robles of BLACKBIRD at 7 Stages

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