“The arguable center piece [of the film “Rehearsal” directed by Jennifer Silver], lies in the performance of the two young leads, played by the very talented duo of Rebeca Robles and Ian Bossung. One has to see the performance to really appreciate just how fully realized the choices made by these actors were. For her part, Ms. Robles captured a depth of passion and sincerity that would have been impressive if delivered by an A-list performer twice her age. That she channeled that energy in this space and made it believable is truly a remarkable feat.”

Linn Grey, LA Film Review (Click HERE for full review)

 “Rebeca is as good as it gets. I highly, highly recommend working with her. You’ll be glad you did!”

Seth Barrish, Artistic Director of the Barrow Group, Director of Mike Birbiglia’s Sleepwalk with Me

“Rebeca is a delight to work with. She brought talent, passion, and depth to the role of Ken that helped bring the tight-knit group of friends in TableTalk to life.”

Nathan Fisher, Writer and Creator of TableTalk, a Fullscreen Original TV Series

“It is my pleasure to unhesitantly recommend to you Rebeca Robles, an accomplished theatre artist, remarkable scholar, and very simply one of the finest young women I have worked with in my 28 years as a teacher at either the high school or university level. It is not an understatement to say that her talent, her intelligence, and her character are extraordinary.”

Cynthia Seel, PhD Performance Studies, Northwestern University

“As a professor, there are those gifted young people who come along every once in a while and make a lasting impression on you. Rebeca is definitely one of those exceptional young, talented and extremely driven people. She has proven to always carry herself in a professional manner. She is a creative, determined and a talented young woman, as well as a joy to be around.”

Jeff Day, Director of Theatre and Cinema Performance at Asbury University

“Rebeca is a uniquely talented and driven young woman. I have watched her perform a wide variety of roles— contemporary and classic. She has an exemplary work ethic and is full of creativity, a true joy in the rehearsal room and arresting on the stage. She would be an asset to any cast to any company. She has my highest recommendation.”

Rachel Jett, Artistic Director of the National Theater Institute at the Eugene O’Neill Theater

“Rebeca is a dynamic figure on stage. She has a tremendous courageousness…She is very inquisitive, and has a physically gifted presence. She is very capable in her movement and is willing to take notes and fulfill them and integrate them accurately…She is a pure pleasure to direct. Rebeca is a natural theater talent, and very willing to get the training she needs.”

David Chandler, National Theater Institute Instructor